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State Premier® Electric Demand the best!
When your family deserves the very best! The State Premier® water heaters deliver the best of everything, designed with maximum energy efficiency and self-cleaning design that saves money every day. Choosing State’s 10-year warranty Premier® water heater, our most efficient residential electric water heater, one of the smartest long-term investments a homeowner can make.
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Premier® Self-Cleaning Electric Water Heaters
State Select® Electric  There’s a Select for every home!
The State Select� line of electric water heaters offers a broad range of quality water heaters to meet your needs. The Select� family includes high-efficiency models; tall, short and lowboy models; and our specialty electric models, which include the Tabletop, Junior and Point-of-Use models. For quality and dependability and a wide range of choices, there�s a Select� that�s right for every home!
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Select® Dairy Barn
Select® Solar Booster Tank
Select® Electric Water Heaters
Select® High-Efficiency Electric Water Heaters
Select® Junior Electric Water Heaters
Select® Point-Of-Use Electric Water Heaters
State Mobile Home Electric
These electric water heaters are designed for modular housing applications. Available in 3 sizes to fit various installation requirements; 30-gallon lowboy for limited height spaces, a 30-gallon tall model to fit narrow spaces and a 40-gallon regular model for unrestricted space when additional capacity is required.
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Electric Water Heaters For Mobile Homes