• Bulged tank bottoms and crooked spud/nipples
  • Heavy condensation
  • Excessive heat due to lime build up above thermostat probe
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Undersized Unit
  • No Cathodic Protection
  • Heavy Mineral Deposits

Identifying the Problem

Symptoms Causes Means of Treatment
Thermal Expansion  Bulging heater
Dripping temperature & pressure relief valve
see Bulletin 41 & 45
Undersized  Heavy condensation
Rust flakes on burner(s)
 see Bulletin 42
Cathodic Protection Only core wire present on anode rod
Anode rod not installed in heater
Softening to zero parts per million
Stray voltage grounded to heater
see Bulletin 43 & 44
Deliming Heavy mineral deposits in bottom of tank  see Bulletin 13