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With over 500 water heater products, State offers customized solutions for all residential and commercial hot water and storage needs. The main categories below outline State’s product offerings; for more detailed information, visit www.statewaterheaters.com.

The scope of our product line today is a perfect example. Never before have so many residential and commercial water heaters, storage tanks, and related products carried the State brand. We have introduced over 300 new products, including a dramatic expansion of the State commercial offering and have added the ever-growing tankless models to our product line.

  • Residential Electric

    State Premier® Electric, State Select® Electric, and State Scout® Electric lines offer homeowners customized electric choices for their water heating needs.
  • Residential Heat Pump

    State Premier® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump extracts heat & humidity from the ambient air through an energy-efficient compressor, and produces hot water at up to 67% savings when compared to standard electric water heaters.
  • Residential Gas

    State Premier® Gas, State Select® Gas, and Aurora™ On-Demand options provide high-efficiency, gas solutions for residential applications.
  • Gas Tankless Water Heaters

    Our full line of gas tankless models heat water as it is used, providing residents with an energy-efficient, space-saving option.
  • Commercial Electric

    Several options for commercial electric products include the State Self-Cleaning Sandblaster®, Light-Duty Patriot™, and Heavy-Duty Statesman™ lines.
  • Commercial Gas

    Various models from the Ultra Force™, Self-Cleaning Sandblaster®, and The Titan® Series product lines provide commercial gas heating solutions.
  • Storage Tanks

    PGV, UVG, and UGV series tanks increase storage capacity when used along with water heaters and domestic hot water heating boilers.
  • Pump Tanks

    State offers five pump tank models, designed to properly collect, store, and dose wastewater.
  • Expansion Tanks

    Waterguard™ and Thermo-Flex™ products eliminate damage to water heater connections and provide added system protection.