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The State Water
Heaters Mobile App

With constant remote monitoring and helpful tools designed just for professionals, the State Water Heaters Mobile App features the iCOMM™ connectivity platform, the latest technology for remote water heater management.

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    XPERT Water Heater Selection Tool

    Provides personalized recommendations to help you identify the best options for your customers based on their needs.

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    iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform

    Stay connected to the water heaters you install to improve your level of service and monitor your water heaters remotely. With complete control, you can adjust temperatures and settings based on your customer’s preferences.

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    Warranty Check & Product

    Find the warranty status for an State water heater by entering the serial number, application, and date of installation, and get replacement suggestions based on the current brand and model.



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    iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform

    Stay connected to your water heater with remote monitoring. You can monitor temperature, schedules and more, giving you peace of mind and total control.

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    Operation Mode

    Choose your ideal operating mode, depending on how you use your water heater, and even change its setting if you’re out of town.

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    Demand Response and
    Time-of-Use Alignment

    If you choose to opt-in to your utility company’s Demand Response or Time-of-Use programs for energy efficiency, you can align your water heater to these rate plans through the app to optimize performance and save energy.


iCOMM™ Technology

Through remote monitoring, the latest technology in water heating allows you to easily connect all your iCOMM™ enabled water heaters to the State Water Heaters mobile app. The iCOMM platform provides you with diagnostic fault notifications, and lets you control settings for your water heaters. Whether for your home or business, the iCOMM platform offers you peace of mind.

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