State offers a large selection of gas water heater models from our innovative high efficiency designs to our standard energy-efficient units for both natural gas and propane applications.


The innovative streak that runs through all the State products is also proudly on display in our commercial electric line. With features such as the intelligent control system (SSE & models) and the now standard 24k gold elements (optional on SSE models), our water heaters can sustain that performance even in the harshest water conditions.

Heat Pump

Heat pump technology uses significantly less electricity than traditional electric water heaters by transferring heat from the surrounding ambient air into the tank. Perfect for light commercial applications such as quick-serve restaurants, schools, retail buildings, or any commercial application requiring a reliable, sustainable water heating solution as part of an all-electric site design.


State Water Heaters offers a line of tankless water heater models, Condensing or Non-Condensing units for both natural gas and propane applications as well as the T1 integrated Tankless on Tank water heating system. Also available for commercial applications are our various Tankless Rack Systems; Wall Mounted, In-Line Free Standing, Back-to-Back or Customizable, we have a rack system to fit your needs.

Tankless Rack Systems

Available in Wall Mount, Free Standing In-Line, Free Standing Back-to-Back, and Fully Customizable designs, the Commercial Tankless Rack systems are light weight, sturdy and expandable to fit the water heating needs of any facility.


Building on our strength as the industry leader in providing innovative and energy efficient water heating solutions, State is proud to offer a full line of Custom Commercial Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems.

Storage Tanks

Water heater storage tanks are ideal for increasing storage capacity when used along with water heaters and domestic water heating boilers. Easy to install. Top-of-the-class durability.


The iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform utilizes the latest technology in commercial water heating to easily connect all your iCOMM enabled water heaters to the State mobile app, while improving your level of service through remote monitoring at little to no additional cost.