Gas Tankless Water Heaters

With natural gas or propane units, get constant hot water on-demand.

The State Water Heaters line of natural gas and propane tankless water heaters represent an innovative portion of the full State product family. Upholding State’s commitment to providing tough products that last, State’s gas tankless water heaters deliver continuous hot water anytime it’s needed and come with a 15-year limited warranty. Because they’re built to meet your everyday needs, propane and natural gas tankless water heaters can be installed in tight spaces, including closets, bathrooms and even outdoors in some climates to save you space.

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Benefits of Gas Tankless Water Heaters

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On-Demand Hot Water

Gas tankless water heaters work hard to deliver continuous hot water. If sized properly for your needs, you’ll have plenty of hot water when you need it.

Energy Savings

State gas tankless water heaters heat your water only when you’re using it, lowering energy costs depending on your usage.

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Space Savings

Because they’re considerably smaller than tank water heaters, gas tankless water heaters save a tremendous amount of space while still packing significant power.

A Closer Look

A gas tankless water heater.

How Do Gas Tankless
Water Heaters Work?

When installed, a gas tankless water heater is attached directly to the water line. When you open a hot water tap, the burner in your gas tankless water heater activates. As water flows through the heat exchanger, it absorbs the heat and quickly reaches the preset temperature. Due to this direct heat exchange, gas tankless water heaters provide long-lasting, on-demand hot water. When the water tap is turned off, the unit shuts down to conserve energy.

Your daily lifestyle and preferences are the best indicators of which type of water heater will be best for you. Both tank and tankless water heaters offer advantages, but your decision should come from the factors that are most important to you. To help you decide, you can talk through options with a local professional installer and consult State’s online XPERT™ Product Selector.

One main benefit of gas tankless water heaters is their lower operating costs. However, electric is a better option if you do not have existing natural gas or propane service or if you need water heating for a point of use application, such as a hand wash station.

Gas tankless water heaters offer savings on energy and space alongside continuous hot water. Even though the initial price of the unit can be higher, the investment is often paid back over time. Energy savings are possible because of the potential for reduced energy consumption throughout the lifetime of the water heater and the long-lasting support State provides to keep your water heater running smoothly.

State gas tankless water heaters are built for durability and come with some of the longest warranties in the industry. The exact lifespan of a gas tankless water heater can vary greatly depending on water conditions, usage rates and maintenance. Owners of traditional tankless units can extend the life of their water heater with routine maintenance and descaling, which also allows the unit to run at optimal energy efficiency.

They use standard 120V electricity that is present in all homes.

First, you’ll need to consider factors unique to your daily life and where you live, such as incoming groundwater temperature, possible installation locations, and the correct water heater size. The size of the tankless unit depends on the size of your home and the number of people living there. We recommend that you use State’s XPERT™ Product Selector to help you choose a water heater that will fit your needs the best.

As long as the correct piping is either present or installed, a gas tankless water heater can be installed anywhere in your home. Closets, bathrooms, and garages are all typical locations. Gas tankless water heaters can also be installed outside the home if you live in a warmer climate with no risk of freezing. This option can free up interior space. Use State’s water heater selection tool to help you choose.

Without estimating exact value, gas tankless water heaters can add value to your home because of their increasing popularity. It may contribute to lowering the amount of time your home is on the market should you choose to sell your home.

Condensing & Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

State offers a full line of condensing and non-condensing tankless water heaters.

Learn About Condensing Water Heaters Learn About Non-Condensing Water Heaters
A tankless water heater

Never Descale Again. Ever.

Introducing X3® Scale Prevention Technology on our Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heaters. Over 15 years Learn About Tankless with X3® Scale Prevention Technology life with no maintenance.

View All Tankless Models with X3® Learn About Tankless with X3® Scale Prevention Technology
Tankless Gas Water Heater

Condensing Gas


Tank gas water heater

Gas 50 Gallon Tank:


Single Shower Length Unlimited 34 minutes
Back-to-Back Showers Unlimited 4.3
Showers at The Same Time 3.1 3.0
X3® Scale Prevention Technology check_circle_outline
Continuous Hot Water check_circle_outline
Space Savings check_circle_outline
Hot Water Storage Supply check_circle_outline
UEF 0.93 0.64
Maximum Tub Size Unlimited gallons 80 gallons
Time to Fill Tub 7 minutes 7 minutes
Estimated Energy Cost $149 $223

*Many factors affect the actual performance of a water heater. This represents our closest approximation of your likely experience with this water heater in your local area, but actual performance may vary depending on factors beyond our ability to control or estimate.

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