Electric Tank Water Heaters

Hot water you can depend on-whenever you need it.

A leader in water heater innovation backed by a strong heritage in the industry, State offers electric tank water heaters built with commercial-grade components for durability you can count on. We invest in making sure all our electric tank products are built to last - so you and your family can have peace of mind.

Save big by upgrading to a residential State Heat Pump Water Heater today and save over $600 per year in energy costs.

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Benefits of Electric Tank Water Heaters

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    Simple Installation

    When you're replacing a similar product with the same electric power needs, electric tank water heaters are quick to install in any home. At State, we strongly recommend consulting a professional installer to ensure your water heater is installed accurately.

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    Reliable Storage Supply

    Tank water heaters work hard to make hot water available when you need it by consistently storing a supply.

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    Built to Last

    State water heaters are designed to be long-lasting. With limited warranties that range from 6 to 10 years, they help deliver hot water to your home for years to come.

A Closer Look

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How Do Electric Tank Water Heaters Work?

Using up to two electric heating elements, electric tank water heaters work by pushing cold water into the system through a dip tube that delivers it toward the bottom of the tank. This happens whenever a hot water tap is opened. This process moves hot water from the top of the tank out to the pipes, which sends hot water to wherever it's needed in your home. Inside the tank, temperature sensors cue the thermostat to turn on the heating elements if the temperature of the stored hot water drops below the desired temperature.

Electric tank water heaters include several components needed to monitor hot water: a thermostat, a temperature and pressure relief valve, and a drain valve. These together lead to efficient, reliable, and safe operation. To manage the water's temperature and ensure it remains at the specified temperature set on the control, the thermostat cycles the heating elements.

Depending on your daily lifestyle and specific needs, gas tank and electric tank water heaters each offer unique benefits.

Gas water heaters can be more cost effective to operate than electric water heaters. However, they tend to cost more up front and require both a gas supply line and prop ventilation where installed. Several venting options can be used for gas tank water heaters.

Electric tank water heaters offer energy-efficient home water heating solutions. Boasting a UEF rating between .89 and 3.45, State's electric tank water heaters help you conserve energy in your home. While they recover more slowly than gas water heaters, electric models generally require lower upfront and installation costs.

State strongly recommends that you consult a local plumber or contractor to help with the installation of your water heater, even though you may be able to install it yourself. An experienced local plumbing contractor can help you make sure that the installation is done correctly, safely, and in line with local plumbing codes. This helps ensure that there are no faults in the unit from installation errors, which can help you avoid disruptions in hot water delivery or damage to your home.

Electric tank water heaters provide advantages from a low upfront cost to quick installation. As they work hard to provide the hot water you need, they run at a high efficiency with minimal energy loss during the heating process and standby.

The right size electric tank water heater depends on many factors. These include groundwater temperature, size of home, number of household members, bathtubs and/or showers, and hot water usage patterns. State has a variety of models and sizes to match your daily lifestyle so that you can always enjoy dependable hot water. Consult State's online XPERT Product Selector.

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Tank Water Heaters

Learn about State's hybrid electric heat pump tank water heaters, designed to draw heat from surrounding areas to heat water.

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XE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump 50-Gallon Tank Water Heater

High-Efficiency Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Tank Water Heaters:

Tank electric water heater

Standard Electric Tank Water Heaters:

Single Shower Length 33 minutes 27 minutes
Back-to-Back Showers 4.2 showers 3.4 showers
Showers at the Same Time 2.9 showers 2.9 showers
Maximum Tub Size 85 gallons 75 gallons
Energy Star® Certified check_circle_outline
UEF 3.45 0.92
Warranty 6 - 10 Years 6 Years
*Many factors affect the actual performance of a water heater. This represents our closest approximation of your likely experience with this water heater in your local area, but actual performance may vary depending on factors beyond our ability to control or estimate.
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