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  • ProLine® XE High Efficiency Gas Water Heater Family

    Turbo-charge your gas water heater with the ProLine® XE High Efficiency water heater, a strong performer in our ProLine® XE lineup. It's ENERGY STAR® qualified and saves you up to 25% on hot water production costs.
    • Advanced electronic control with LCD display for easy temperature adjustments and diagnostics
    • Ease of installation in replacement applications—can use existing venting connections
    ProLine® XE High Efficiency

  • Pressurized Combustion System

    Exclusive and patented pressurized combustion chamber with an advanced air intake blower delivers high efficiency. Much like a turbocharger, the blower distributes an optimum air-to-gas mixture pushing exhaust gases through the highly restricted flue baffle.

    Installation Friendly

    Allows for easy replacement of standard atmospheric vent heaters.

    LCD User-Friendly Display

    Easy-to-read eye level display. Simple temperature settings and adjustments. Service diagnostics are in plain text.

    Automatic Flue Damper

    Creates high efficiency as it automatically opens and closes to reduce heat loss in the standby mode.

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Not sure which water heater you need?

Use the Product Selector Tool