Building Management System

Building Management System

Building Management System

• Works with Ultra Force, SUF, SUFL, SHE, SEV/SEH, SSE and CSB-1FE

• Use the ICC Control to enable/disable thewater heater (when used with buildingmanagement system)

• Change Temperature Set points anddifferentials

• Two models with four different configurationsto connect to BACnet and Modbus

• Ethernet and Serial RS-485 versions available

• 2 wire or 4 wire RS-485 Network

• Power can be supplied via the USB cable, as a7-24 VDC input on the main terminal Block, orvia IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE onETH-1000 only)

• Configure protocols, networkcharacteristics, and client/server objectdefinitions

• Graphically interact with the internaldatabase in real-time via USB connection

• Automatically discover and configure IPsettings Ethernet gateways connected tothe current subnet

• Update Firmware


Building Management System BACnet and Mobus Interface Spec Sheet

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