Large Volume Jacketed and Insulated Storage Tanks

Large volume, long lifespan. Rugged, durable, long-lasting. Lots of options and accessories. Meets or exceeds the ASHRAE 90.1b 1999 standards for standby loss.

Jacketed and Insulated Storage Tanks

State commercial hot water storage tanks are designed for use with gas/electric water heaters and boilers to provide additional hot water storage capacity for systems with large hot water draws.

State Factory STD Bare Glass Lined Tanks

These water heater storage tanks are ideal for use with gas-fired copper heat exchanger equipment and other hot water systems for storage of any potable water at temperatures of 180ºF or lower. Sizes range from 80 to 12,500 gallons and custom models are available with special linings, heating coils (single-or double-wall), and accessories.

State Custom Storage Tanks

State Custom Storage Tanks are designed for storing potable water. Fitting locations of these custom-line tanks match the needs of normal installations.