• Polaris™ High Efficiency

    Polaris™ high efficiency gas water heaters, part of our ProLine® XE lineup, are unlike anything else on the market. The reliable and highly efficient performance makes Polaris water heaters the solution for combined space and water heating applications. Operating at up to 96% thermal efficiency with stainless steel construction, the Polaris water heaters offer homeowners more in a water heater compared to standard gas water heaters.

  • Energy Efficient

    Polaris™ high efficiency gas water heaters operate at up to 96% thermal efficiency, which saves money on operating costs compared to a standard 80% efficient gas water heater. The helical internal heat exchanger keeps hot combustion gases in the tank longer to transfer heat.

    Stainless Steel Construction

    The tank and helical heat exchanger are constructed from 444 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance without the need for an anode.

    Power Direct Vent Design

    • Direct vent using PVC, CPVC or ABS either thru-the-wall or thru-the-roof
    • Optional concentric vent kit

    Advanced Electronic Control

    • Large LCD display provides precise temperature control and advanced diagnostics

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